Knightsbridge is one of London's most distinctive areas. A playground of the rich and famous, and the natural habitat of many a girls from paradise London escort.

The famous Brompton Road runs throughout the heart of Knightsbridge that is home to many an upmarket boutique and department store, including the world famous Harvey Nichols and Harrods. 
To those with an experienced eye, posse's of London escort girls can easily be seen doing what they live for; shopping. And what shopping do these London escorts girls indulge in? 
Lingerie of course. And lots of it. La Perla, Agent Provocateur and Elle Macpherson are amongst their favourite brands. And why are they buying? For you of course.

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The word Knightsbridge is made up of two words Knights and bridge. There is in fact a road called Knightsbridge after which the area Knightsbridge is named. 
Walking from Knightsbridge toward central London, an intrepid London escort girl from Girls from paradise would arrive at Hyde Park Corner should she walk or perhaps catch a cab in the other direction, she would arrive in South Kensington. 
Many London escort girls from Girls from paradise choose to live in Knightsbridge or close by. 
It has been said that if all the girls from paradise London escort girls that live in Knightsbridge were laid end to end, 
no-one would be in the least bit surprised.